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SERVICES OUR TEAM About us / À notre sujet


The translators. Entreprises Ulysse’s translators are experienced professionals used to team work and who's reputation for quality work is Entreprises Ulysse’s trade mark. Our team has a wealth of experience in such area as: Correctional Service Canada, Environment Canada, Conditional Liberations Canada, CMHC, NavCan, Ford Canada, US Atomic Energy…

The proofreaders. Depending of the nature of the translation, Entreprises Ulysse’s proofreaders are either experienced translators, or student translators under the supervision of a senior translator. The proofreading service, an integrated entity of Ulysse translation, is an innovation of which the company is very proud.

Sorin Paltiniseanu. Responsible of day to day management, Mr. Paltiniseanu uses his 16 years of experience in the fields of education and his extensive knowledge of the inner workings of the private and public sectors to insure that Entreprises Ulysse has the necessary resources and logistical support to allow for top quality work. Under Mr. Paltiniseanu the administrative work is quick and efficient.